The Loli-Shota

Call me Honey.
I'm a third-year at Ouran High School and I'm part of the Host Club.
I'm the Loli-Shota type.

Oh and do you have any sweets with you?

{Independent RP Blog}

Not Part of Tranche Any Longer.


It’s been wonderful being able to RP with all of you. I’ve enjoyed it very, very much but I’m leaving the group now.

This blog is going indie

If you’re not interested in viewing threads that are not between members of Tranche then please unfollow. 

Thank you all again for allowing me to RP with you. It’s been fun. (: 


myusa-chan replied to your post: When are you and Kyouya gonna get it on?

“Oh my~ Are you and Kyouya planning to *whispers* do it, Tama-chan?”

“… Um…”

”.. Que?”

"You know,"

Have sex.

lum-chan-deactivated20111128-de sent: "5" ^________^

"Hmm.. well when I was younger I really wanted to be a Karate instructor because I was so in to martial arts~"

"I still love Karate but between the host club and all of my classes here at Komoriya, I don’t have much time for it anymore."

Send me all those Meme Saturday questions/critiques/dares/whatever!



lum-chan replied to your post

“The world is ending!” TT^TT

“Why is the world ending, Lum-chan?!” 

“Because no one sells Tabasco sauce!”

"Tabasco sauce? Why is that so important?"


beast-princess replied to your post

Nothing importaaant uvu/ go ahead and ignore these people

((:O alright))

sickleweasel replied to your post

don’t even try and find out honey senpai xD

"Well okay."

((mun is definitely staying out of this as well xP))

lum-chan replied to your post

“The world is ending!” TT^TT

"Why is the world ending, Lum-chan?!"